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via University for The Sims 4

So the discussion came up on the EA support site about a University EP, like the one in The Sims 2. The implication was that there will only be one more pack released before The Sims 5 hits the market, and it will be magic-related, not university-related. The justification was that you can already create universities with the packs in existence.

Challenge accepted.

The first thing I had to do was open my old TS2 game and play it a bit. The way TS2 UNI works is, you place the Young Adult in one of the pre-made or custom dormitories (not to toot my own horn, but mine were awesome), or a private rental dwelling if the household had sufficient funds. Each semester took 3 Sim Days (72 Hours), and the Sim was required to attend class for a few hours each day, write a paper, do homework, and skill up in certain required areas. Bonuses could be gained by befriending or developing romantic relations with the professors. After eight grueling semesters, your Sim would have a really cute graduation party with caps and gowns. These usually included lots of pillow fights, and too many guests studying during the festivities.


Greek Life

There were also Greek Letter societies, which I’ve duplicated in TS4 in the past while using the defunct Get to College mod by creating clubs in Get Together. I cannot stress how easy that part was. Just create a club that only allows Young Adults and call it Tri-Var or Urele Cham Oresha and give it restricted access. Pick the activities and outfits you want (like playing pub games, dancing, etc.). THIS ALREADY EXISTS. One of the Get Together clubs practically IS a fraternity (Partihaus) and I treated it as such for this experiment. More on this later.

02-07-19_10-55-15 PM

Cap and Gown

The second basic challenge was getting the animation at the Graduation Party where they change into caps and gowns. I did manage to find some similar-looking outfits in the Party Wear section and set them to the first tab, so once the party started, the change was automatic for the whole household. Sadly, there were no mortarboards, so I had to settle for the Professor and Honorary Degree recipient caps.


02-07-19_9-42-52 PM

Study and Graduation Requirements

So I managed to make fraternities and sororities that worked pretty much the same as the old animations in The Sims 2. I made the graduation party. Maybe this is good enough for some people, but I am not one of those people.

I want Sims suffering as they struggle to skill up and crank out term papers in 72 hours. I want dating, and drama. I want the real collegiate experience for my Sims. And I want my Sims to get that career boost after all that misery.

Was I able to do it? Kind of. I designed a realistic curriculum based loosely on the ones in The Sims 2 and my own collegiate experience. (Can you tell I was a COM major?)

TS4 SSU Curriculum

This is the curriculum I decided on for my collegiate Sims.

If you want a PDF version of it, click here. I divided the course tracks up into Basic Studies and four majors (Art, Communication, Culinary, and STEM – Science/Technology/Engineering/Math). I think this pretty much summarized what was available in the old TS2 UNI pack, but I’m open to suggestions if any of you think something was missing.

Residence Halls

I designed three dormitories with classrooms and skill-building equipment, which you can find in the Sims 4 Gallery under sleekoduck87 . You can make your own if you want, as long as you include a book case and video creating machine (from Get Famous). Make sure each Sim has his or her own bedroom. Some actual closets are nice since we all know that dorms have crummy single beds and Sims have urges that cannot be filled in them.

I needed a nice variety of single Young Adult Sims for this experiment. I just moved them all into one household and moved them into the Basic Studies / STEM dorm with the freerealestate on cheat activated. Once they were all in the dorm, I made them quit their jobs.

Move-In Day

Some of these Sims were not pleased about being unemployed.

Student Status

To prevent their frequent negative “Unemployed” moodlets, I soon realized that I needed to have them register with the Ministry of Labor as Students.

02-08-19_12-21-26 AM

This seemed to make them happier.

The Cast

So here is the cast I used for my experiment. Some were premades, and others are Sims I uploaded to the Sims 4 Gallery under sleekoduck87 . They are all Sims who should be familiar to you.

Marion Bjergsen

I created Marion Bjergsen by creating a sister for Bjorn. She is based on Marion Landgraab in the older versions of the game. She will be an Art Major based on her Aspiration.

Dina Caliente

Dina Caliente (premade), future Culinary Major. I combined the Art and Culinary schools, so she will be attending with Marion for all eight semesters.

Michael Bachelor

Michael Bachelor is Bella Goth’s brother. He will be a STEM major because he has a high likelihood of dabbling with the Astronaut and Detective careers during his aimless life, and it is well-suited to his Bodybuilder Aspiration.

Miko Ojo and Gunther Munch

Miko Ojo (premade) was an obvious Communication major. Gunther Munch (premade) was a tough call, but I ultimately decided to put him as STEM because of his Renaissance Aspiration.

Gavin Richards

Gavin Richards (premade) was another obvious COM major. Its heavy emphasis on the Writing skill made this decision a no-brainer.

Jade Rosa

Jade Rosa (premade) was a very tough choice. I finally decided to have her major in Communication because of its strong emphasis on Charisma, which is always good for a Fortune Sim.

I won’t lie. It was easier to pick majors for Sims when they rolled 2500 point Wants for certain ones after writing their first term paper. However, most Simmers are pretty creative and able to reason this out for their beloved Simmies. So this works.

I allowed three Sim days for the entire household to complete each semester requirement, but they managed to speed through them in just over a week, so I saw no reason to force them to wait like in The Sims 2. I actually liked this aspect better than the old game.

Student Life

Holidays and Aspiration requirements did create some interruptions, though. Anyone can sit eight Sims inside a household and force them to skill up. I wanted them to complete Whims and Aspiration requirements. I had them go on dates.

Miko Ojo date

They socialized with local shopkeepers when they were bored.

Gavin Richards socializing

They did a lot of skilling up and group projects.

Writing Lab

Study Hall

Acting Class

Term Papers


Yes, Singing is and should be a requirement for Communication majors.

Drama Lab

COM lab

Graduation Time

Miko was the first to complete her degree requirements.

They also did a lot of dancing. A. Lot.

02-06-19_10-03-24 PM

02-07-19_12-55-05 AM

02-07-19_7-27-43 PM

02-07-19_10-05-00 PM

02-07-19_10-47-39 PM


The Sims 2 had a Cafeteria in every dorm. This was another feature that was easy to duplicate.

Sims 2 Cafeteria

Sims 2 fans might remember this scene in many of the dormitories.

Because Cooking is part of the Basic Studies requirement (and I had Dina Caliente in the household), the students were able to do their own cooking for a while. However, the cafeteria function was extremely easy to duplicate by hiring a caterer and immediately refrigerating the leftovers. Two of my Sims actually developed finicky eating habits from eating so much Spinach Frittata and Faux Lobster Tortellini.

Mila 1

Mila 2

Quirky Gavin

Gavin developed a Fame Quirk that made him prefer only Excellent Quality food.

So the cafeteria was duplicated and improved.


You can buy diplomas in the Build Mode. I wouldn’t even bother with them until they move out because you cannot put the diplomas into the Sim’s personal inventory. Just because I’m weird like that, I did have my graduates take cap and gown selfies and hang them next to the Hall of Fame at the entrance. Just because.

Hall of Fame

02-07-19_8-58-41 PM

02-07-19_10-26-44 PM

02-07-19_10-38-24 PM

Career Boost

As skilled up as all my Sims were, none of them got career boosts when they graduated. This is a dud. In fact, Jade and Miko entered at a lower level than they were at prior to starting college. However, I suspect they will have a lot more free time after work now that they no longer have to practice speech after already spending an inordinate amount of time on Reports and schmoozing voters.


I just had my graduates drink the Potion of Youth before they moved out. All of them had sufficient points to buy it by graduation.

The Verdict

I was pretty satisfied with how the vanilla game worked with college life. I would say it was just as good as the University EP in The Sims 2. I honestly preferred it over the defunct Get to College mod, which had students spending the entire day doing homework from a 2500 Simoleon homework book that provided no life skills.

So try it out and let me know how your Sims did!


After some feedback, I decided to create a mod with more majors. Since the program I used has not yet incorporated Get Famous to its algorithm, you’ll still have to use the syllabus for the Basic Studies and Communication majors.

Let me know how you like it!

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